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Smart Home Automation Basics and Options

Smart Home Basics

The following are the most commonly used Smart Home options on the market right now. The cost to install varies by product, but most are very affordable.

Smart Speakers: With smart speakers, you can control almost every aspect of your home with just your voice. Ask Alexa who is at the door, use Siri to turn off the light you left on upstairs, and turn the heat down with Google.

Smart TVs: Smart TVs are great because you can watch basically anything you want, whenever you want, whether you have cable or streaming.

Smart Thermostats: You can monitor all the zones in your HVAC from anywhere.

Smart Plugs: Smart plugs can convert an object into a smarter version of itself.

Light Automation:  Smart light switches not only can be controlled by an app, but many give you a variety of lighting choices, like dimming. We use them in our house all the time.

Video Door Bells: Video doorbells not only sense, and alert you when someone is at the front door, but can also show you video footage of who is there, and can use intercom technology to talk to your visitor.  Can't live without it. 

Robot Vacuums: Accessibility to a robot maid may be pretty far off, but a robot vacuum is the next best thing. A robot device can be controlled from your smart devices, including your smart speakers.

Smart Kitchens Basics

Smart Refrigerators: Smart refrigerators vary in capability and size. They can tell you how often they are being accessed, alert you if a door is left open, let you know what products you need to buy, and a few models even have monitors that can stream TV.

Smart Ovens: Smart Ovens allow you to control your over from anywhere.

Smart Dishwashers: Smart dishwashers run on very similar apps as smart ovens and app compatible smart fridges.

Smart Laundry: Laundry isn’t necessarily a kitchen chore, but because these apps are the same as the previous appliances, it fits. Theses smart washers and dryers are just like the dishwasher.

Smart Dishes: You can buy smart plates, and forks that monitor your calorie intake, and connect with an app to help you keep track of what you are eating. You probably shouldn’t put them through your smart dishwasher though.

Smart Slow Cookers: Control you smart crockpot from your phone or tablet. You can check the temperature, change the setting, and turn it on and off. It makes the easiest cooking device even more convenient.

Smart Coffee Pot: Most coffee pots can be set on a timer to start brewing when you want. 

Smart Trash Cans: Most smart trash cans are just touch-free, and odor controlling.

Dash Buttons: Amazon dash buttons allow you to create a button for any household product that you can order from Amazon..

Smart Toilets: Smart toilets offer basic features, like touch-free flushing, a sensor that opens/closes the lid, automatic bowl cleaning, and deodorizer. They also have some more extravagant features as well, like a built-in bidet, heated seats and more.

Enhanced Vanities: Imagine brushing your teeth and watching TV in the mirror.

Smart ShowersSmart showers have various capabilities. They can be turned on from the comfort of your bed before you even wake up, they save your perfect shower setting, and some even have a TV in them.

Privacy WindowsSmart privacy windows can be installed over your existing windows. They can change from a normal window to an opaque window no one can see through, from a remote or from your smart device. Many privacy windows also protect from harmful UV rays and work as insulators to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Smart Nurseries Basics

Having a new baby is one of the most rewarding, and can be one of the most stressful experience in life. Thanks to Smart-Nurseries, babies are safer than ever, and parents can relax just a little.

Video Monitors: Baby monitors have changed completely now that video cameras can easily be incorporated. Now, instead of merely listening in on your infant, you can visually check up on them from any room.

Smart Rocking: There are several different smart bassinets on the market that vary in capabilities. At a minimum, they can all rock at various speeds that can be controlled by your smart device. Many can also emit white noise to soothe your infant, and/or have built-in swaddling that imitates the womb.

Smart Health Monitors: There are many different monitors out there for infants that monitor their breathing, heartbeat, movement, and even sometimes their temperature. 

Smart Changing Tables: Whether it is a smart bed stand that acts as a baby station, and smart hub, or a changing mat that measures your baby’s weight to make sure they are properly fed, these products are changing the nursery game.

Smart Mobiles:smart mobile can sense what sleeping stage your baby is at and react to it with sound, movement, and light that soothes your infant.

Sensors: Many parents use sensors around their children’s nursery or bedroom for extra piece of mind. When the sensors are triggered they send alerts to your smart device. They can be placed not only at external entry points but internal so that you are alerted when anyone is entering or even moving around the room. Climate sensors are another smart choice, making sure your nursery is always the perfect temperature for your baby.

Smart Pet Care Basics

Taking care of your loving pet is easier than ever with smart pet-tech. The best part about these gadgets is that they make life easier for you and your pets. Feel less guilty about leaving them home alone during the day, and enjoy the time you do spend with them that much more.

Video Monitoring: Use video monitors to check on your pets when you aren’t home.

Self –Cleaning Litter Boxes: Cat care becomes that much easier with self-cleaning litter boxes that wash, sanitize, dry and fill themselves. They even have liter boxes disguised as cabinets, to be truly out of sight and out of mind.

Smart Mats: Many pet owners have nice furniture they don’t necessarily want their pets furring up. 

Smart Pet Doors: Smart pet doors work with a smart key that goes on your pet’s collar. They only let animals with the key in and out of the door, so that no unwanted creatures end up in your home. You can also lock the door when you don’t want your pet going out.

Smart Feeders: Smart feeders automatically dispense food, and water, for your pets. Using an app on your phone, you can schedule feedings and control portion size for your fur babies.

More Smart Options

Smart Fans: Smart fans, like thermostats, can be controlled from an app on your phone, set to a schedule, or can be set to sense when they are needed.

Smart Floors: Heated floors are a real luxury, and temperature controlled floors that can be automated from your smart devices.

Smart Shades: Smart shades can be raised, and closed from your phone or other devices as you like. Many can also be set to a schedule so that they can greet you with sunlight at the same time each morning. Great for windows facing South.

Automated Sprinklers: Having a beautiful lawn is much easier with app-controlled automated sprinkler systems. Schedule when your sprinklers go off, which sprinklers are in use, and keep an eye on maintenance needs.

Smart Pool: If you have a pool, you know how much upkeep they require. Smart pool apps measure the chemicals in your pool remotely, allow you to automate certain cleaning procedures, and schedule pool repair.

Smart Beds: Control the position, softness, and even the warmth of your bed with a smart mattress. You and your partner can elevate from your phone each side of the bed. Some mattresses have added perks, like massage settings, built-in alarm clocks, and built-in sleep monitoring that sends you information about your sleeping habits to help you get the best sleep possible. A third of your life is in you bed, this is an smart option you can't live without. 

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