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We design and install your system as if it were going into our own home or business.

  • Monitoring and Automation

  • Pet-friendly Motion Detectors

  • Multi Entry Point Sensors

  • Access Control

  • Newest Wi-Fi Technology

  • 24-Hour Monitoring Service

  • Access the Security System From Anywhere

  • Back-up Battery

  • Yard Signs and Sticker

            Home Monitoring/Security


Your system is installed with equipment from the most trusted manufacturers. I

Response Time

You will get a fast alarm response 24/7 from trained professionals in our response center. 

Energy Management

The latest thermostats like NEST let you adjust the temperature anytime from anywhere. You can also control your lighting remotely or on a preset schedule.


Control your home security or smart-home system with your smartphone. You can also choose equipment that is compatible with Amazon Echo and Google Home.


Indoor/Outdoor video cameras and video doorbells are popular home security options. Track what is happening by watching live on your mobile device.

Customer Service

We are committed to providing the best customer service to more than 1 million customers. You can reach us by phone, chat, or text for quick answers and support


cctv one camera.jpg

We install commercial-grade, HD security cameras in and around your business that provide crystal-clear images for real-time video monitoring and/or video recording.

Best for: Retail, warehouses, public transportation, finance, offices and schools.


  • Pan, Tilt, Zoom features.  /disarm and manage your system

  • Easy to Use Video Management System

  • IP Video systems

  • Storage Options that support smartphone, remote viewing

    • Cloud-based​

    • SD Card

Home Automation

home automation northern va.jpg

Home automation allows you manage features of your home — such as lights and door locks — with a mobile app or via voice commands. This means you can perform tasks like closing your garage door, adjusting your thermostat, or turning on lights even if you're not at home. Most home security providers offer home automation and include a variety of smart home devices. If you already have a smart home and use an Amazon or Google smart hub, you can integrate your security system and manage it on the same app as your other devices. That said, it's important to make sure your security system pairs with your smart hub before purchasing so as to avoid any issues when syncing the two.

Access Control

Access-control-technology- northern-va.j

When it comes to protecting your home or business, as well as the building’s occupants, access control is one of the best ways for you to achieve peace of mind. But, access control is much more than just allowing people to access your building, access control also helps you effectively protect your data from various types of intruders and it is up to your organization’s access control policy to address which method works best for your needs. There are a number of  access control systems you have to choose from to use in your residence or business facility; some outperform others. Outlined below are overviews of the three basic types of access control systems that are available to your company so you can see which are best suited for your day-to-day operations.

1. Discretionary Access Control (DAC)

2. Mandatory Access Control (MAC)

3. Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)



Certified Fire Alarms, Sprinkler Systems and Smoke Detectors for Every Business

Complicated fire codes at the federal, state, and local levels can make adding or updating a commercial fire alarm system confusing and stressful. Many people know Bay Alarm as experts in security alarm systems. Our fire systems are just as comprehensive. We offer:


  • Fire alarm design

  • Plan submittals

  • Installations

  • Professional fire alarm system monitoring

  • Testing and inspections

Emergency Commincations

emcon logo.jpg

The IP6000 is an ADA compliant, hardened, vandal-resistant, full-duplex, intelligent hands-free emergency assistance phone that provides VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) communications utilizing SIP (Session Initiation Protocol). The rugged stainless steel front panel with sealed speaker, microphone and activation button ensures long product life and provides assurance  that vital calls will get through under the harshest of conditions. The IP6000 is programmed via a web browser or is remotely supervised, tested and programmed using an Emcom Systems’ EmVista Maintenance Station.  
 Full Duplex  Wide Operating Temp. Range  1.5” Metal “HELP” Button  2 Visual Call Indications  Submersible Speaker  Metal Braille Plate  Background Noise Reduction Using DSP  Remote Programing and Volume Adjust Via Web Browser or EmVista Maintenance station  Auxiliary Contact Closures  3 Port IP Switch for Daisy Chaining  2 Year Warranty 

IP Networking & Integration

ip network northern va.png

Enable the anywhere, any time workplace.

Consolidate and virtualize your network to support numerous apps, users, devices, locations and workloads for better performance and availability.

  • Deliver an optimized network

  • Witness a near-seamless implementation

  • Extract optimal value from your network environment

  • Take advantage of our holistic approach

  • Network integration for data center networks

  • Complex upgrades, expansions and consolidations

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